How to Successfully Handle the Death of a Loved One


Dying is a part of living. That is a very simple and profound statement, and for most people, it is a statement that carries little impact until it becomes personal. When people experience the pain of losing a loved one, the event is often times life changing. As a Believer, those changes do not have to lead to depression, illness, or emotional break-downs.

In Bishop Rosie O’neal’s personal and transparent book, How To Successfully Handle the Death of a Loved One, she reveals her road to recovery as she processes the death of her personal secretary and faithful member, Tecia Pearson. Bishop O’neal candidly and lovingly shares her experiences as she embraced Tecia’s death and celebrated Tecia’s life. These timeless truths will also empower you to successfully navigate through your own personal stages of grief and the eternal joy of celebrating life.

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