Hey There! I am so glad you decided to visit via my website. I am certainly looking forward to our connection! One of the things that you will learn about me is this: I LOVE PEOPLE!!!!

I have been pastoring a growing congregation (Koinonia Christian Center—pronounced: “Coin-o-nia”) since 1989 and it has been an amazing journey for me. Over the years, I have had the privilege of serving people from all walks of life and sharing the love of Christ with each person. One of my life’s core values is “Everybody matters!” I firmly believe that all of us are created with a unique purpose and we matter to Jesus.

I also love meeting with and supporting other pastors! For me, to be able to sit down with pastors and share what I have learned over the years is such a joy! Ministry is dynamic and multi-faceted and I understand the value of having someone in your corner to talk to, help you process and strategize. A major part of what I am called to do is to serve other pastors.

There are so many things that I absolutely love to do like reading and studying God’s word, traveling by RV, reading mystery novels, riding my trike, and playing spades but there is nothing more important to me than my relationship with Jesus and spending time with my family and my friends. I am so thankful for my husband Toiriste, and my two sons, TJ and Jonathan. My life is so rich because of my relationships!

You know, within the past year, I have been asked this question: “Bishop Rosie, what would you say that people get when they encounter you?” I have taken time to really think about it. Here is how I would answer it: “Real. Relatable. Revelatory.”

Over the course of time, I am looking forward to connecting even more with you and having the opportunity to get to know each other better! Thanks for taking a moment to get to know me.

Bishop Rosie


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